Capacitive sensors

Author(s) : Clara Kernreuter and Simon (.)


For this project, we tried to combine digital techniques with traditional know-how. This work aims at the simple desire to create a combination of sensations between these techniques, in order to create a new genre of interfaces, switches, more intuitive and more sensory.

Ceramics, Electronics?

We observed that traditional golden border of ceramics is very conductive. It would be possible to use this decorative element as a drawn electronic circuit.Thus we could create an interactive object including electronics, where the circuit would be a fundamental element of the object. The idea would also be to be able to use the specific properties of ceramics such as its transparency to make a light for exemple.


Vase “MAYODON” / Radio ceramic / Ceramic speaker








Idea with a conducive gloden border on porcelain / Workshop tests.


Capacitive system

A capacitive sensor is an antenna (designed in a conductive material) which can receive static electricity from the human body. By coding the device, it’s possible to retranscribe the values ​​captured by the antenna into variable digital data. These data later can be used to control an object, for example to vary a light, a sound, a color.

Engraved sensors (laser engraver + gold leave)






Milled sensors



Sanded and sandblasted sensors


Resin Sensor





“Resistive Tree”






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