Vinegar etching textile pcb

Author(s): Martin De Bie

The purpose of this experimentation is to etch a pcb by using a mix of vinegar, salt and hydrogen peroxide.


The material use for the experimentation will be :
– flectron textile
– regular salt
– vaseline
– vinegar
hydrogen peroxide
– regular vinyle
– a plotter like cameo silhouette (the stencil can easily be cut by hand)

1 – First thing is to draw a circuit in a vector software like inkscape, in this case i draw an extension for an attiny. After i use a plotter to cut a stencil of the circuit in regular vinyle.
vinegar-etch_18953263880_o vinegar-etch_18953376078_o

2 – Stick the stencil on a piece of flectron
vinegar-etch_18518454474_o vinegar-etch_19144412681_o

3 – Apply some vaseline on the flectron part. This gravy paste will avoid the part to be etch in vinegar mix. You can put the piece in the freezer to solidify vaseline before taking of vinyle part.
vinegar-etch_18518441684_o vinegar-etch_18520338193_o

4 – After having prepare the mix of vinegar ( 60% vinegar, 40% hydrogen peroxide and a spoon of salt), dive the piece of flectron inside. There are not a precise timing for etch, more and more you will use the mix faster it will be to etch. You can start the chemical process by putting a coin during 2h before starting the etch process.
vinegar-etch_19144411971_o vinegar-etch_18954835419_o vinegar-etch_18518450614_o vinegar-etch_19114794506_o vinegar-etch_18518445844_o vinegar-etch_18518443734_o vinegar-etch_18518442354_o vinegar-etch_19114792656_o

Final circuit place on a piece of neoprene

Some details taking with USB microscope.
vinegar-etch_19140951745_o vinegar-etch_19144400011_o vinegar-etch_19144399321_o vinegar-etch_19140951195_o        vinegar-etch_18953361638_o vinegar-etch_18953361148_o   vinegar-etch_18953248800_o     vinegar-etch_18520328493_o vinegar-etch_18520328473_o

And some fails 🙂
vinegar-etch_18953369218_o vinegar-etch_18520336313_o vinegar-etch_18953255540_o dscvinegar-etch-n3913_18953369788_o vinegar-etch_19135230012_o i forget the fabric one night inside the mix.


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